Attention-grabbing digital displays inside and outside auto dealership centres carry lots of information, pictures and inventory which drives traffic and serves as message centres to potential customers.


We provide custom made displays with high quality resolutions when it comes to corporate solutions. Corporate businesses understands that digital displays is a perfect tool to communicate to employees within their building. Our flat panel displays fits perfectly on walls and lobby.


Whether to communicate across to parents or community, outdoor LED displays have proven to be effective in disseminating information. Our outdoor panels are durable, can withstand harsh temperatures, consumes low energy and cost effective.


Most restaurants that have invested in both outdoor and indoor LED displays have seen significant increase in sales and attracting more customers.  

House of Worship

Church LED displays serves as an outreach tool in conveying messages, announcements and  up-to-date information to keep the congregations and community informed. 


Amidst competition, LED displays in the retail industry have seen a significant increase at an all-time-high as brands communicate their brands in visual representation and increase in traffic to their stores.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Hospital lobbies and healthcare facilities have increased the use of digital displays to disseminate information to patients while waiting and keeping them updated on health related issues.

Pharmacy and Dental

Pharmacy and dental offices advertises their services and products to customers and pass across much needed information relating to health awareness and governmental policies.

Chain Stores

Menu digital displays have taken over traditional static menu signs. We specialize in providing our clients with exceptional high resolution menu displays and content control either remotely or in-store.